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Rent Your Stamps Today!

Do you have lots and lots of stamp sets to the point you’re overflowing? Are you starting stamping as a new hobby and don’t have a lot of images to play with? On a budget, but still want lots of new designs? We have a program for you!

The very basics:
  1. You pick which stamp sets you want and add them to your wishlist.
  2. We mail those stamp sets to you.
  3. You use them as long as you want. (No due dates!)
  4. Use the self-addressed, stamped envelope we send with the stamp set to return the stamps to us.
  5. When we receive the stamps, we look at your wishlist and send you the next stamps you want.

You have full control over which sets we send you. You can access your account at any time of day or night to make changes. Yeah, it’s like Netflix for stamps. (We are not affiliated with Netflix, their owners or subsidiaries.)

Start having fun!

Why Rent?

"Loved the fact that you could rent the stamps and not have to purchase, (although I purchased many of them anyway), but also that it was easy to return the stamps when you were finished in the prepaid return envelope." -Donna S.

Test our quality

If you like to try products before buying them, sign up for our rental system to try the stamps out. We are confident you'll find they stamp better than other brands - especially inferior stamp sets made overseas. These stamp sets are made in the USA with a special photopolymer mix that was created for maximum ink transference as well as durability and resistance to yellowing.

Save space

If you have limited storage space, renting stamp sets is the ultimate solution! Use the stamps for a while, send them back when you're done and get new designs sent to your door. This is especially useful for snowbirds and those traveling and living in RVs! We can send the stamps wherever you have your mail sent.

Use only the stamps you want - guilt free.

Have you ever looked at a set of stamps and thought of the perfect project for just one stamp in the set? You stand there staring at the set debating internally: do you buy the set for the one stamp, or do you keep walking, even though a loved one really would appreciate the art you would create? We have the solution! Rent the set, use the stamp you want, and stay guilt free if you don't want to ink any of the others! You're not wasting money and you get the project you want. Your loved one praises your art and thoughtfulness. Everyone's happy!

"The best part was the flat monthly rate, depending on the number of stamp sets needed, that took the pressure out of hurrying to make the cards by the end of the month. If it took me 6 weeks to get the cards done, no problem. MY card making schedule set the pace for ordering and sending back. The monthly rate was less than I would normally pay for one large wood mounted stamp." -Linda H.

If we send a set that you can’t bear to return, you have the option to purchase that set at the used price of $11.99. That’s 20% off the regular price of a stamp set!

Start having fun!


We have varying levels of stamp rentals. If you craft once or twice a month, we have A Little Fun which gets you two sets at a time with a maximum of 2 sets a month. If you craft with a large group of ladies who all want to try new sets, choose Tons of Fun to check out 10 sets at a time with a maximum of 10 sets a month. If you craft regularly, grab some Big Fun and get 4 stamp sets at a time with a maximum of 4 sets at a time.

A Little Fun2 sets at a time/month$9.99
A Lot of Fun3 sets at a time/month$13.99
Big Fun $17.994 sets at a time/month$17.99
Great Fun $21.995 sets at a time/month$24.99
Tons of Fun $34.9910 sets at a time/month$34.99

You can always change your registration level if you aren’t getting enough stamp sets each month. We’re very flexible that way.

Start having fun!

When asked what the best part of renting is, renters have said:

"Trying out different stamps and buying them if I liked them." -Kathy K.

"There [are] so many great benefits to renting! One intangible was that if you fell in love with a set and rented it, you could experiment to see if it was really love, a strong like, or a "What was I thinking! I'll never use those images!" Plus the postage paid return envelopes made it so easy to return the sets when you were done." -Angela P.

Start having fun!

Still have questions? Please email Sabrina at sabrina@victorineoriginals.com. We’d love to hear from you!